Monday, September 21, 2009

Bangkok wandering

Again, our hotel ideas didn't pan out so we found ourselves walking around Sukumvit area with our mini-trolleys in tow searching for a place to stay for the night.
Luckily this place is saturated with hotels, guestrooms, hostels etc. We found something in our price range around the corner called Sunrise Hotel.

We took the skytrain to Silom area where it was supposed to be a chic shopping area. All we found was shopping malls ... and even in 100 degree heat (it was hot that day) we didn't care to do that. Actually, we were quite tired so we just kicked it back to the hotel and took a rest.. Got up around 7ish and headed for Patpong, the red light district.

The prostitution is unbelieveable here. We sat in a bar for a beer while 15 girls danced on a small stage in their bathing suits or bra/panties and felt bad. One girl was dancing a lot faster than the music, one was skipping around acting suspiciously, one was dancing erotically and watching herself in the mirror, most of them were just moving a little as possible and a few were enjoying themselves.
It was a sad scene. Across the bar we could see girls sitting with old dudes, fat dudes, ugly dudes with backwards hats on and being fondled. One guy was singing to the music "if you want my body, and you think i'm sexy,.."

This mother and daughter were coloring in their stall across from a girly bar. Exposure!

Ping pong show? We were asked a hundred times.

Vendor stall. Tshirt?

Patpong also consists of a huge market for counterfieted items and restaurants. We walked the market and sat down to eat at a place down a street that was thumping. It turned out to be a gay area and it's just amusing to watch Nicola deal with all sorts of things he's never seen before.

I could talk a while about all that I saw in this area but it would just go on and on about all the women for sale and how we saw menus of women on laminated papers so you could choose the girl you want to have.

7-11 for all your snacks, drinks and girls.
You can see in one girls hand the laminated paper with the faces of girls on it. Men can choose who they wish to take home with them.

Tomorrow, weekend market and.. home.


jlee said...

I would be taken aback and uncomfortable at the sight. Did you see any really young girls? That would make me cry.

T said...

forgot to mention that they were all quite young.. well i would say 17+ but who really knows with you lucky asian people. you all look young forever ;)

Alyssa said...

Pretty sure if you've seen Priscilla Queen of the Dessert you know about ping pong shows.