Friday, September 11, 2009

Dive day 1

Dive Day 1

Today was an extremely long day.
We started at 8am in the classroom. Until about 1pm we watched the review dvds from the book that we were supposed to read the day before. I crammed until 12 30am trying to get through all the chapter questions.
Honestly, it was a lot of information to cram for in 1 day.

After lunch we learned about all the equipment, suited up, and walked with the massively heavy tank on our back about 8 minutes to the contained beach area to learn how to use it all in the water.
My legs are so sore from carrying it all. I felt my knees weak and almost at the point of giving in while I was walking to the beach.

What a terrifying experience. At one point where we had to fill the mask with water underwater and learn how to clear it using our nose, I started to cry. We took a short breather on the surface and went back at it.
It didn’t help that Nicola was nervous and almost panicked the whole time. But in the end the instructor said my buoyancy is fantastic and that I got through all the skills very well. We were in the water until after 6pm. It was a very long day.
I felt a little boost of confidence considering I haven’t been in school in quite some time. I am proud and happy to have picked it all up quite easily. The same goes for the Mandarin lessons.. I’m a bit ahead of the other guy who is taking the class with me. It pleases me that I am still sharp in the classroom. Yay!

Tomorrow morning we have to be at the dive shop at 7 10am to go out for our first reef dive off the boat. I’m scared to death but I feel a little bit confident since I got through all the skills easily and my ears weren’t giving me any trouble.
I learned how to equalize them, and once done that, there was no more pain or pressure while being under 20 feet of water.. a bit deeper than a swimming pool eh.

Better get some rest. It will be another long day tomorrow in the water. Looks like rain but who cares when all you have planned is being wet anyway.


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