Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last day in Phi Phi

After completing our dive course we decided to stay in Phi Phi for one more day to explore the island a little and enjoy it. We had been up early every day for the dives and were so tired each evening that we had no chance to go out and see the fire shows and whatever else happens here.

With luck the day was sunny! We decided to take a long tail boat over to a few beaches down the way called Long Beach. There we found a quiet paradise with just a few tourists scattered along the long beach area.

The water was blue, and deep enough to swim. There was one restaurant that we spotted to later each lunch at.. everything was perfect!

I thought I noticed the couple next to us speaking Italian and mentioned it to Nicola. Being as shy as he is, he just waved it off since he had no curiosity to investigate.

I saw that the guy had hurt his foot and took the opportunity to ask if he had cut himself on the coral that lined the shore. He said no, that he had stepped on a sea urchin (ouch) and he asked if I had tweezers. Obviously, I didn’t, but as it turned out, they were from Italy and he spoke excellent English and his wife spoke none at all.

We ended up spending the rest of the day with them exploring the island further to a very very secluded beach with crystal clear water and then met them again later for dinner.

We climbed to the viewpoint on the top of the island for a bird’s eye view. Man that was hard work. It said in the book that it would take 10-25 mins to climb up the stairs depending on your fitness level. I mean, I’m not out of shape but holy smokes that was a tough climb. The view was breathtaking and spectacular. All worth it!!

Nicola had a blast speaking in his own language with people from home. Funny that he had mentioned that when I had met a Canadian couple a few days earlier in Railey Beach that the girl and I were chatting away like mad.. he made fun of us! Then, when he met people from his home, he was exactly the same.. Just like two birds chirping for hours.

We went to the other side of the island for dinner, you guessed it, Italian! It was a really good meal actually. I have to admit that it was nice to eat an authentic pasta al mare.. (seafood pasta) – since being in China we’ve laid off the seafood.

It was Saturday night so they had a huge fire show planned to the music of a DJ – it was fantastic. I had wanted to see a fire show the whole time while on Phi Phi but had been to tired every single night to look for a good one.

The tide was out so we walked along the sea floor for a good 100 meters. It was very cool.

We have planned our trip out of Phi Phi tomorrow. The day begins with a 9am ferry to Krabi town for 1.5 hours, bus to Surat Thani for 3 hours, ferry to Ko Samui for 1.5 hours and then minibus ride to Chaweng Beach for 1 hour. It’s a long day but I have a feeling it will be worth it. No plans for accommodations yet but as usual we will sort it out once we arrive.


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