Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dive day 3

Dive day 3

I woke up this morning sore and aching from carrying all the dive equipment on and off the boat yesterday. I am totally and completely drained of all energy and just can’t wait to go to sleep.

I am happy to report though that I am PADI certified as a diver to a maximum of 18 meters depth. I passed the final with 94% and had 3 dives today instead of 2, which was a bit of a bittersweet bonus. I was so tired that the extra dive just added to that total body fatigue, but, since Nicola didn’t do dive 2 yesterday, I got to go along for his dive 2 and both the dives that were scheduled! YAY
Actually someone slipped a small crab into my mask and I don’t think they got the reaction they had hoped for. I was like, oh, there’s a crab in my mask… instead of screaming or hitting the ceiling. Ah ha. Sorry guys.

The weather was very windy. I was seasick most of the day, as were others on the boat. But once we hit the water, all the motion sickness went away. Magic!
Actually it’s been raining here in Phi Phi for 2 days but we haven’t noticed since we’ve been in the water anyway. What a way to spend a rainy day!! No loss of a day.

The dives today were amazing. We saw 3 turtles on the final dive and a cuttlefish that was laying eggs. The dive instructor said that in his over 1000 dives he had never seen that before. So we sat down there and just watched as this squid like fish laid her eggs under a coral.

I napped in the afternoon before the test but that still wasn’t a sufficient rest since I woke up groggy and pretty out of it. I don’t know how those dive instructors work so many hours. The dive shop was still open at 9pm and there was my instructor still at work!

Our dive instructor Angus, from Scotland

We called it an early night… went for dinner and now home to sleep in tomorrow. No plans as of yet but hoping for good weather so we can hit the beach and chill out.

We will also plan tomorrow to leave Ko Phi Phi and head towards Ko Samui on the East coast of Thailand. It’s a long trip but I have heard that it’s all worth it since Samui is apparently amazing. I’m not sure how anything can beat what we’ve already seen and done here in Thailand but we will see, and of course, report.

Until tomorrow.. xoxo
Ps. I never proof read these entries so excuse any grammatical errors or otherwise ;)


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