Friday, September 18, 2009

Today was mostly uneventful. Since we were unsure what to do today we just didn’t make any plans and went with the flow. We met up with the girls who were checking out and catching a flight to Bangkok at 5pm to say bye for now, hopefully see you in Bangkok.

We finally finally finally went for a Thai massage. I had been hounding Nicola to go for 2 weeks but since he got badly sunburned on our very first day here, we just didn’t end up going. Oh man, what were we missing! Incredible! It was THE best massage I had ever had. The lady was climbing all over me, bending me in all sorts of different ways, touching me in places I had never been touched ;) haha, well.. don’t be naughty, that’s not what I meant.
$5 paid for 70 mins of heaven!

We had decided that buckets were the event for the evening and grabbed our sand blanket thingy, a bucket of rum and coke and headed for the beach where others with the same idea as us were all spread along the beach chilling.

The fire show tonight was better than the rest I had seen this vacation. A couple of the guys were particularly talented having not dropped the baton at all during his set. Bravo! In Phi Phi, even though the music and the vibe were better for the fire show, the dudes were dropping the batons all over. They couldn’t complete a set without dropping it.
No big deal, just noticed that the guys here are better.
The music is not though. Giuliana mentioned that they play a set list every night on repeat. She said she knew the next song and she was right which was disappointing for me and actually spoiled it a little. I would have rather not known that since I wouldn’t be there for the 2nd round and wouldn’t have noticed anyway. Oh well. A couple of buckets later we headed for the crepes stand for an evening snack and wobbled home. It was beginning to rain anyway.

Tomorrow is our last day here. No big plans, just going to chill for the day before our LONG commute to Bangkok. We opted for the night train since it would be an adventure. I had never taken a night train before, let alone one in SE Asia… so let’s see how that goes eh…train station at midnight. The thought is a little nervous for me. More so the cleanliness of the cabin which has always been a factor this trip, but we did well and got lucky a few times with places and not so lucky with others.

Bye bye for now. I need sleep.


jlee said...

$5?! I have to go to Thailand.

T said...

you have to! for more reasons that one.