Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Cooking has presented quite an obstacle for me here in China. I've been living here almost 5 months and although I've found my comfort zone in the grocery store, there are still foods that I crave, miss, and some days seriously long for.
I have figured out how to stove-top cook on count it.. ONE hotplate with no oven. Unless you consider a microwave an oven. Haha.

I still make my own pasta sauces, each and every time. Mushroom, eggplant, sausage, vegetable, and secret sauce. Basil is scarce around here so I took some seeds from home (i suspected well before) and made my own little garden. Now we can enjoy fresh basilico in our salads, calzones, and sauce anytime we please.

We have plenty of ice cream, thankfully. I found my beloved microwave popcorn. Potatoes are no shortage here.. ok we've covered most of the things I love. Half joking.. I could live without them.
Fresh fruit is plenty - and I am lucky to have found a huge fruit and veggie market just 15 minutes walk from home.
Still remembering to wash all very very well. It may be fresh but it's not pesticide free. We are still in China people. And if you're really nervous you could just peel it all, which I mostly do.. but it really doesn't make sense since I don't peel tomatoes and I continue to eat lettuce. I just wash it well.

Yummy watermelon on hot days is more appetizing than I ever thought it would be.

I have introduced many new fruits and veggies to my kitchen, some of which I still don't know the name of. Many leafy green vegetables similar to bok choy.. durian fruit, starfruit, that pink one. All the while never crossed paths with any asparagus or zucchini. I am hoping that the season has yet to arrive. *crosses fingers.

My parsley garden didn't grow but I am thinking to try again. Not to forget that it's on average 35 degrees daily here. Perhaps when the weather cools, it will grow. Never give it direct sunlight either. It'll be dead in a day!

We have a little deli up the street that imports food and drinks. Luck has it so close to where I live.. they import fresh fruit juices that are sugar free, pureed tomatoes in a glass bottle (rather than a can,) Barilla pasta, salamis and deli meats, Chilean wine, cheese, EV olive oil.... so that helps. But I am missing out on a nice selection of breads. Chinese people don't eat bread!! Rather, steamed buns which I can't compare to a nice pita bread, or wheat bagette.
Can't have it all!! At least it's all mostly cheap to eat.


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