Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ao Nang

Our first day in Thailand and it’s news to us that it’s rainy season… just kidding. I knew that. I was prepared to deal with some intermittent rain..

Rainy season

Our flight was smooth sailing, er flying, from Bangkok to Krabi. I had called our hotel (not confirmed booking yet) on how to get from the airport down to their place. The [lady] on the phone explained to get on the “white” bus out front of the airport and show the driver where to go, and he will bring you here.

I asked, which “white” bus and she said there is only one. OK.
We saw the white bus, paid, and boarded. Then the driver asked where we were going… not to that area.. at all! So we went with it and after a long and confusing conversation on the phone with them (the mysterious lady was nowhere to be found) I hung up a little frustrated.
After arriving quite far from the original location and meeting two lovely girls on the bus we walked around a bit and priced different hotels in Ao Nang beach area. We ended up in a tourist information office and booked a room for 30 euros a nite.. not bad, but over our budget.
Right next door we found a place for only 15 euros a night and we plan to move in there tomorrow night. Also free internet, which I can’t say for this place.

Oh ya, the rain. It’s raining. We got our bathing suits on and headed for the beach. It was low tide so the water was waaaaaaay down there.. yea.. on our way down to the water the sky got increasingly darker. Then.. (sound pouring rain) -that went on for a while.

On the beach at low tide.


We are now on our way to an all you can eat BBQ dinner for oh, $3 each. We are crossing our fingers for the rain to slow down since we’ve booked an elephant ride and waterfall visit for tomorrow morning.

-update – after the bbq we stopped by a bar across the street. I already knew that the sex industry in this country is huge.. but having never seen it before, well, this bar was a big eye opener. Good times though. We sat and had beers before we hit the sack.. played jenga with some local girls and watched as foreign men got their rocks off. Pretty ew actually but it’s good to see how it wall works here.

Hunter Bar! Lady boys anyone?

That’s all for today.



jlee said...

see if you guys can witness a kickboxing match between little kids. might be disturbing.

T said...

didn't see that, but did see some mai tai between girls. kind of lame actually.