Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ko Phangan

And we did! We met up with the girls we met on the first day we arrived in Thailand. We met them on the minibus from the airport. They overheard my conversation with the hotel when they screwed up our airport pickup service and how frustrated but knowingly calm since I already figured the bus could hear me talking.

Anyway, they turned out to be great friends who we communicated through text messages the entire two weeks in Thailand. Fun!

The pool that we never did swim in. Nice though.

As soon as we arrived at Sunrise they were waving us down while they were eating their lunch at the restaurant.

Ko Phangan is super cool. The vibe is calm in the day, relaxing, and really chilled out. Once the night hits, it’s mayhem. Even in low season there is a beach party every night with fire shows, fire breathers, djs spinning sets, buckets of alcohol and a huge crowd of dancing people enjoying their vacation. Everyone here is the same age as us, or younger.. and everyone is having a great time.

Nicky love you long time

The beach is awesome with crystal clear water and powdery white sand. The town here in Hat Rin remains pretty true to Thailand. The roads are barely paved and even though the streets are lined with cheap backpacker diners, travel agencies and internet cafes, there still seems to be an authenticity to it all. It hasn’t been completely commercialized like Ko Samui has where it’s all about making money and ripping people off.

The weather has been fantastic. We were really concerned about excessive rain since Sept is supposed to be quite wet AND the first day we arrived it was down pouring in Ao Nang, but there hasn’t been any rain at all in the day.

The seafood in this part of the world is amazing. We have been eating cheap crabs, prawns, squid and snapper all week. Nicola says the best money spent is on good food.. Luckily for me, I benefit from that ;) haha. He doesn’t mind springing a little extra for good seafood.

Tomorrow is our last day in Phangan. We are undecided about what to do although we are considering doing a boat tour of the island, but I’ve noticed prices here to be a little bit high for things like boat and fishing tours. On Phi Phi we could travel around for 100-200 baht which is just 2-4 euros. Here, it’s 700 baht for a few trips around – which is 14 euros EACH!

We will see.

Giuliana and I.

Our trip is almost over.. gonna have to start looking for a hotel in Bangkok for the final days of our adventure here L Then it’s back to hot and sticky China. Boo-urns.

Skip pizza and go for a crepe at 2am

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