Friday, September 4, 2009

Just arrived

I am gonna try try try to update daily..

Our flight from Shenzhen to Bangkok was at 11 30pm and arrived at 1 15am. I had no idea that Thailand is 1 hr back so the flight was a bit longer than expected. Doing the math will show that I am actually writing this at 4am.. so it's gonna be short!

Smooth flight on AirAsia. Cheap seats.. only 30 euros each, a real steal! I have to admit that the seats felt a little more cramped than usual. My knees don't often touch the seat in front of me when I am sitting at a 90 degree angle. Budget airlines.. sheesh.

The hotel we are staying at costs 15 euros for the night and I read all about how people thought how clean it is. And it is! It's beautiful actually.

There's a balcony, several English tv stations, free internet, free water and free breakfast.. plus free airport pickup. yay! Thanks tripadvisor and

That's a wrap for tonight. Time for some sleep... getting up in the morning at 8am to enjoy free breaky and then back to the airport for the connecting flight south to Krabi, where the beach is at.



Pat New said...

Hi Honey - wow your room is great there, can't wait till your next update

T said...

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