Thursday, September 10, 2009

We found the sweetest bungalow on East Railey Beach for 900 baht per night which is the equivalent to about 18 euros a night. It was furnished nicely, warm and inviting. We would have stayed more nights but we were too anxious to move onto Phi Phi.

Our bungalow on Railey East

The night before we booked a day trip island hopping around Krabi that included chicken island, Poda island, Phra Nang beach and a couple of others. We visited 2 snorkel sites and enjoyed the incredibly clear water and all that was below it.

Chilling on the beach

A small crab and his hole

The day was amazing but the best part was where the tour ended – exactly where we planned to walk to that very day - Phra Nang beach, where we found a spectacular cave that we eventually explored when the tide went out around 5pm.
The sand was so fine that it was like walking on silk and the water was so clear that you could see 50 feet ahead of you easily.

Phranang Cave behind me

The weather has been fantastic. We are completely sunburned. Thailand is somewhere, imo, that every person should visit once in their life. I plan and hope that I can make it back here again in my life.

It’s nice to see that everyone around us is in our age group. We have met a ton of people while sitting at outdoor beach bars and overhearing that there are other Canadians around. It’s so easy to to about the trip, where we’ve been and plan to go. The interaction with the people really helps when choosing where to stay and what to do. I hope we’ve been an inspiration to others since we are super active every single day doing different things, booking tours and swimming in caves.

I’d like to know what the rooms are like though, for 300 baht per night (6 euros). I met a few people around who say they pay more that that, ever! I’m wondering, where the heck are you staying and what is the room like? One girl mentioned that they could hear rats running in the ceiling! We’re budget travelers but we’re not backpackers. We’re here for 2 weeks and calling it a holiday, not a lifestyle. Love me or hate me for it, but that’s the way it is.

Tomorrow morning 9am – ferry to Phi Phi Don Island. The main island of 3 ( I think) that is well talked about and listed in my 1000 places to see before you die book. Haha. Yes, I have that, and I’m not embarrassed either. I am curious to know what we will find there for accommodation since it is known to be more expensive even in low season. We planned not plan this trip. A first for me.. and even though it will take more effort to walk around and find a place to stay for the night, at least we know what the room is like before agreeing to the price. So far we’ve had a good experience implementing this concept and a bad one.

Moving on.


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