Thursday, June 25, 2009


Being in Hong Kong has it's benefits.. being such a huge city there is no shortage of things to do, I get to eat some real good and YUMMY food, aaaand I can go on any website I want!! It's true, I'm online after the day is done and freely browsing without any fear of being monitored. I can say China and Tibet and Taiwan and Tianenman square all that I like without worrying about someone turning off my internet connection or banging on my door. China. China. China. China.

With that out of my system I can move on. Phew.

After a few weeks of cooling it with the traveling, we both agree that it's really not good for us to be home as often as we have been. Too much work, too much rain, too much humidity.. it really gets to ya and plays on the nerves. So, we have decided to plan a few trips in our near future.

As many will already know, I will be in Vietnam this week visiting Linh. July is booked for Beijing and Xi'an to see some super important cultural cities in China. Sept is planned for Thailand and Japan. It's always good to have something to look forward to. Keeps things positive.. like a light at the end of the tunnel.

With that said, lately has been pretty quiet. It's rainy season here and with temperatures well into the 30's plus humidity and torrential rains, well, it doesn't offer much in the area of FUN.

This has been a concern lately considering it's been happening just down the street from the hotel that we stay in each time we visit Hong Kong.. I mean, what's the deal?

I really had no idea how tropical the weather here is.. mango trees! We're not in Jamaica, we're in China!

Party Patio
This is a treat. With as many photos that I post on facebook, it's true that I have an entire selection that don't make it public, this being one of them.... Marking the end of a hard week the boys have enough to drink to all participate in the broom/mop guitar band.



Pat New said...

The acid attacks are a scary thought, carry a bottle of water with you at all times and sunglasses to protect your eyes. I love the broom band hee hee

jlee said...

Too much of anything can get to ya! I am feelin' it now and I'm so excited to hit the road soon and hang out in Montreal. How bad is the humidity in China? I can't imagine. I'm sweating just thinking about it.

T said...

@jen - it's hot. it's so hot i can't go outside some days at all. 35 degrees sounds about normal.. and they say it's worse in sept.