Friday, June 5, 2009

Ocean Park Hong Kong..etc..


First the rant. I can't describe the frustration I feel waiting for my computer to load on my proxy that for some reason after an update has seriously slowed down to literally having me leave the room and come back to find nothing has loaded.
Sigh. So if anyone has any bright ideas or would like to do a small search on how to go on youtube in *Cheeeena* (since it looks as if I probably shouldn't type certain things in case *they are watching) Let me know if you find out any decent results.

With this week being the 20th anniversary of a certain massacre, the internet security has been heightened thus making it impossible for me to communicate with people back home through creative measures. Thankfully face****** book is still working.

What have I been up to lately you wonder?

I have a small herb garden growing, I'll take a photo later to show how my basil, parsley and green onions are coming along. Had I found more potting soil I would also have lettuce, spinach and tomatoes on the go.

We went to Hong Kong again last weekend for our visas and took a side trip to Macau for the night. Photos have already been posted on face*********book with descriptions.

After much coaxing I finally convinced Nicola to take me to Ocean Park so I could see the panda bears. The conversation started a little like this;

-Me "Hey, do you want to go to Ocean Park tomorrow to see the Panda Bears?"
-Him - "No, not really"
-Me - "Oh ok, do you have any other ideas on what we shall do tomorrow?"
-Him - "No"

He's that guy who says no first and then after a little convincing ..and having a great time he says, wow that was fantastic and it takes everything inside of me to hold back the "I told you so".
It happens often.

Anyhoo, I got some great photographs of the pandas, a jellyfish exhibit, seals, and all sorts of other things. Having gone on a saturday meant long lines for the rides so no ferris wheel views but the day turned out great.

I've been taking Mandarin lessons for 3 weeks now going twice each week. My teacher said it's an easy language to learn and I chuckled upon hearing this. But, being done week 3 now, I can somewhat agree. There are less words than English including tenses and since they use the same word with a different tone I can agree that there is less. Like any language there is studying and memory work, I hope it all sinks in and stays put so I can have a chance to use it later in life.

I made my first Chinese style meal last week, sweet and sour chicken with rice. I made a video for my dear mother whom I miss cooking alongside. All I need to do is get it uploaded which lately has been a real headache. So anyone else who is interested in Tara's home cooking video tutorial can see that hopefully in the next few weeks if I can finally get it sorted out.

Anyone with GOOD movie reccommendations can pass those along my way. I'm always interested in a good flick since I watch quite a few in the afternoons.

Here's a few choice picks from the last couple of weeks:

Taken in Macau at Monte Fort.
Click to enlarge.

In Macau

Hong Kong, Ocean Park

Jellyfish, Ocean Park

Me! in Lan Kwai Fong for last call happy hour 8:45pm only $34/drink.

I wouldn't forget a shot of these cuties. They looked like giant toys. More pics of them to come.

Soo, hoping for good luck in the future with my internet access. Wish me luck! Don't forget to send me some movie recommends..



Mike C said...

Glad you guys enjoyed Ocean Park! the big reef aquarium is the best!! the cable car ride is a trip too :D

see if this works for utoob:

I recently watched a couple new period pieces action movie on the toob that were OK: Red Cliff 赤壁 and Yip Man 葉問.

Both are on the toob in multiple parts w/ subtitles :D

pat said...

I miss cooking with you too honey. I loved our time together and you are such an inspiration to me with all of your italian dishes. Al loves them so much so I try to make them as often as possible - miss you - love you with all my heart

T said...

@Mike C - Thanks! The info you sent me works to an extent. I can watch youtube videos but I can't upload any. Can't have it all i suppose ;)

@Mom - Soon we will cook Chinese dishes together. :)

jlee said...

Mel and I just watched "The Reader"... lots of nudity. and the moral of the story: Learn how to read.

I also recommend "Let the Right One In" ... amazing vampire movie from Sweden (I think Sweden).

T said...

jlee, i just watched the reader last week too! great movie!

Becky said...

ha I love how you described the pandas as: giant toys. :)
I can imagine how frustrating it would be to be blocked from communicating via conventional methods to folks back home. I feel for you...
How is that going?
Your pictures are great - will be taking a look at FLACEBRACK now to check them out. DA**MN annoying CHIJNOS. haha

T said...

@becky - i have figured my way to post here using a special browser. still can't watch utooob but i'm not complaining. i uploaded a few videos and i wish i could upload more but i really don't have a choice in the matter.