Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Still here

It's true that my posts are becoming less frequent but hell, I can't get on this site easily.

So what's new new new...

Just spent a week in Vietnam with Linh! Stayed at her lovely apartment and traveled the city and beyond to see some war tunnels and rice fields.

I'm not sure how to pinpoint Saigon since I was only there a few days but my first impressions were positive. Everyone seemed to know their place except me with my nose in the guide book or my eye peering through the lens of my camera.
Everyone remains outdoors all day and all night. It seems that there is no place indoors or in front of the computer or tele. Women carry heavy loads of fruit to sell, sit behind their stand under their hat protected from the sun and when night falls, lay back on their chair and rest until morning comes and a new day begins.

I discovered a cold coffee beverage that the locals were making on the street. They would bring a bucket of ice, sweetened condensed milk and a thermos full of Vietnamese Moka blend already brewed. For about $.50 you would sit on a plastic stool near to the ground on the sidewalk and sip iced coffee watching all the people pass. Just as the locals do as they duck out of work for a coffee break.

I don't want to mention that we almost got killed while driving to the My Tho Islands.. no, I didn't mention it to my mom, but i suppose i am now ;) The lady who drove was was *too cautious and in that city the importance lies in "going with the flow." It wasn't my day to go, don't worry Ma!

All in all a great trip. I could write for hours but i'll cut it here to spare the boredom and just post photos... on facebook!

As for next week - we have booked a week holiday in Beijing and Xi'an. Plans are to see The Great Wall and other Beijing things.. and the Terracotta Army.
My camera is in for repair so that pics won't be as fun to take.. or as nice quality. If anyone has Beijing suggestions on where to go .. places to eat.. let me know!


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that last pic gave me a lot of smiles!