Monday, April 13, 2009


I had some fun this morning trying to figure out how to use the washing machine... I managed to get it to wash for over and hour and after pressing and turning a few buttons, found the spin cycle.
When I removed the clothes they were all steaming hot. Plus there is NO wind here whatsoever so it takes two days for everything to dry outside in the humidity.


jlee said...

ha ha! We also tried to do laundry in one of our residences in Seoul. The washing and drying process seemed to take up to 2 hours. We also found that our clothes were just steaming hot, and we ended up wrapping them up in towels and went on our way.

Mike C said...

You can use this english model as a reference:

Everything's the same, except the 2 buttons to the left of the start/stop are "Heavy Wash", and "Extra Rinse", vs. "Quick" and "No Spin". The line pointing at 1oclock (30) says "super fast wash"

T said...

yes Mike! Thanks!!