Monday, April 13, 2009

Arrival in China

Just arrived at the apartment after about 24 hrs of commuting. I thought I'd write down what I remember while it's fresh in my mind.

Cathay Pacific is a great airline. I would expect that on flights of that length that they take care of people, which they did. It wasn't completely full, and there were those little computers in the back of each seat so I could watch any movie or television show that I wanted.
I flew from Toronto to Hong Kong direct and then took the ferry to Zhongshan City where I was picked up by Nicola, Paul and our driver who was told today by a translator that he must driver slower since I guess he is pretty wild on the roads. People were everywhere riding bicycles, scooters, walking all over.. But not like the city, more like wandering without looking. No wonder there are so many accidents here! It's the fault of both the driver and the pedestrian!

My first impression of the apartment is that it is very big. Clean, painted in white with white curtains over the windows. Although there are no screens so it is difficult to let fresh air around because there are so many mosquitoes, and those, well, could be deadly. There is very nice tile laid on the floor and marble counter tops in each room. All in all, a very nice place to live. Btw, a guestroom for anyone wishing to visit ;)

The weather is very hot and humid. I had to remove my sweater as soon as I arrived in the airport. I guess I had no idea that China was so tropical. We have a huge terrace outside so I am planning on planting some herbs and veggies.
Hong Kong International Airport

My first dinner.


jlee said...

24 hours of travel time... how are you adjusting? It's nice that you have an apartment ready and waiting for you!

Looking forward to keeping up with your updates.

T said...

well it's only been my first sleep which didn't go too well. It's bright in the apt and it's super humid.