Thursday, April 23, 2009

Real food

Yesterday I took a trip with our neighbour to the shipyard to see the guys and where they work. I got a little look at our boat to be while taking a tour. It isn't anywhere near completion but where everything is going is all sketched out. I saw where my bedroom will be located,.. a bit small.. joking!

From outside.

The main deck.

My soon to be room and bath.

The shipyard is located about a half hours drive in Minzhong Town and Nicola made a comment about it being in the 'jungle' and said that I should picture Rambo or some jungle movie and that would be similar to where the yard is. We drove through and to an extent he was right. Banana trees lined the roads with little wooden houses that the locals live in. I thought that if the wind picked up those houses would blow away, they looked so frail.
People were cleaning fish near the side of the road for dinner from nearby fish farms.

Click the pic to enlarge.

The owner of the yard takes his staff (those who would like to join) for dinner several times a week. Since I had expressed interest in learning about the food, we tagged along. We sat in a private room in the restaurant with a round turntable in the centre of the table where the food is served. I impressed myself with my chopstick handling!! I can eat red-skin peanuts with chopsticks!!
The menu included sweet and sour pork, peppered beef, a steamed egg dish, octopus with roasted vegetables, rice of course, small bits of chicken, spicy tofu and an unlimited supply of green tea. It was all very tasty.

Sean and Nicola at the restaurant.

After the meal was finished (I had heard earlier talks of a massage) we went upstairs for a foot rub! And what a foot rub!!! I started by soaking my feet in very hot water while the lady began to massage my shoulders, back and arms! After a half hour of this, the foot massage began and continued for about 45 minutes! Then she massaged my calves and thighs! Almost 2 hours later we were finished, fed and relaxed. We paid the tab............FOUR EUROS!! 2 hours of massage and only four euros was the fee. It was unbelieveable. Oh, don't let me forget to mention that they served beer/tea and fresh fruit. Also the television was playing so you could watch the game while relaxing!


jlee said...

massages are great!!!

T said...

this was the best one i've ever had.