Monday, April 27, 2009

Mopeds and Electric bikes

I thought there were a lot of scooters on the streets of Italy but that's small potatoes compared to the number of electric bicycles and mopeds on the streets around here. In fact it's quite dangerous to walk (in this particular area especially) without being hit by one of these traveling at medium speed.

Scooters, mopeds, electric bikes.

Click the photo to enlarge.

I took these photos on my first excursion out of my home area (La Cite Greenville) in an area called Dai Yu Fung (sp?). It's not a typical street but an area off the main road where it's lined with shops, restaurants, fast food, shoes, etc.



Deborah said...

I wonder if anyone takes the wrong moped ??!!

Mike C said...

hey from these pics, looks like you went to the giant mall (大信新都汇), as seen in this pic:

the logos look the same! are all these photos from the same place? if so, you can go back there by bus #13. There's a few spots that you can transfer from #003 to #13 like at the People's Hospital (人民医院)