Sunday, May 10, 2009


A week has passed since my trip to Hong Kong. I didn't want to force an entry out so I allowed some time to pass so I could really think about what to write. Well, I still haven't decided!

Here are a few of my favorite pics/highlights from the week.

The people, the lights, those signs!! I don't think it's very safe for all those signs overhanging peoples' heads. Apparently there are so many signs that there is a full team of people who have to watch for stores that go out of business and the sign has to be removed. I haven't revealed the pics yet on facebook of the sign that almost fell. The main street of Kowloon, Nathan Street, was closed down because one of those signs began to fall. All the scaffolding was removed and two cranes were brought in to hold the big monstrous metal killer while the workers dismantled everything safely. Oh the horror had it fallen.

I found the buildings particularly interesting. Portable airconditioners dotted the outer walls accompanied by hanging laundry. I'm curious to know if the clothes become completely clean with all the rising pollution and exhaust from the streets below.
Upon first arrival I thought out loud that it was a city I could live in, but by the end of 5 days I'd changed my mind because my throat was clogged with phlegm - assuming those face masks actually work (filtering out somewhere near 90% of particles) it's definitely not making a fashion statement.

Since I'm a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to unknown foods, I have to admit I was a little apprehensive to try different things since being in China. It would be really helpful if there was someone to teach me a few things but in time, that will come..
So with that aside.. we sat at the sweetest outdoor restaurant in Kowloon. Nothing to look at, we sat at picnic style tables, plastic stools, plastic cups and bowls. The convincing factor was the seafood that was alive and on display outside the restaurant. We felt comfortable knowing that it was fresh. To the right of that top photo were the shrimp and crabs swimming around in water.

It just so happened that the weekend we visited was a long weekend for Labor Day and Buddha's Birthday. So many many people were in the temples praying. We visited several temples with a few pics to share.

Chi Lin Nunnery.
Click this one to see it large size. To give an idea or the huge size of it. This photo does not describe anything.

Po Lin Monastery

Tin Hau Temple

Giant Buddha on Lantau Island which is only accessible by the 25 minute cable car ride from the last stop on the Tung Chung line 40 mins outside of Hong Kong..

Great trip. A lot of activity crammed into 4 days.


Becky said...

This definitely looks like a place I'd like to see in my life-time. I'll add that to the already long list!
It's amazing how crammed everything is isn't it? We are used to so much space and green and NATURE-type things in Canada. But over here, I often feel like the same people who make stairs for boats make stairs for apartment buildings. There is no breathing space... thank goodness for the ocean...

pat said...

It makes very happy to know that you are enjoying this time in your life. Oh how I wish I could experience some of the adventures you are having. Can you see the green coming out of me lol, love you honey. Have fun, be safe

T said...

@Becky - You are so right. Do you know where you guys will be moving next? or have you planned some time in Canada?

@Mom - Thanks for all your support. It means the world to me.

jlee said...

your pics and stories keep reminding me there is so much to see out there. can't...stop...traveling!

T said...

i've just discovered the bus system that takes us all around this part of China!! So excited and relieved to find answers to all my questions. Looks like we're planning a weekend to Shenzhen.