Thursday, May 14, 2009


I had the pleasure of attending a Chinese club on a typical Saturday night..
Now I'm not one who has a lot of clubbin' experience under my belt, having never been inside a Richmond St club. Although, I have been to a few in Italy and I'd say the club on Carnival got pretty rowdy during spring break so I was pretty sure I knew what to expect.

We went out with friends and arrived at the club around 11 and it was pretty full. Tables all around, wait staff serving food, snacks, fruit platters... fruit platter?

The table is rented for a small price and you can host as many friends as you think you can fit. It's standing room only. The drinks are sold by the bottle (as I understood), I'm assuming you can get a single drink, but they're so cheap I think it's more cost efficient to just buy the whole bottle!!
I looked around and noticed nobody was moving. Nobody was dancing, or even tapping. BORING. A few club hitz would play and then a singer would emerge and do his thang. Check below for photographs!
Also check the dancers. Synchronized on-stage dancing.

I learned the local dice (drinking) game that all the peeps play using hand signals to communicate over the loud music. Not a good idea to try and learn how to play while the music is playing. I ended up learning the following weekend while out at a quieter bar. Can't tell you how it feels to be laughed at for not understanding the easiest game on Earth while trying to be taught how to play in a loud club environment. Sheesh. I mean, what did they expect? jerks.

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